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Tutorial 1 - Hello Newton


This tutorial introduces the Ngd4Xna framework. You will learn the following items:
  • What the various components of the framework do
  • How to create a new project using the template provided with the framework
At the end of the tutorial you will have created your first working program using the Ngd4Xna framework.


The structure of Ngd4Xna

Open Visual Studio and load the Ngd4Xna solution. Now look at the solution explorer tab in Visual Studio. You’ll see the structure of the solution is several demo projects listed toward the top and at the bottom is the Ngd4Xna project. We'll be focusing on the Ngd4Xna project. The Ngd4Xna project is organized into folders. Classes in the same folder perform similar functions.


A collision represents the shape of a physical object. It is used by the collision detection subsystem of NGD to determine when physical objects in your game collide. Collisions don't have mass, velocity, etc. These properties are part the rigid body the collision is associated with.

Custom Joint
NGD comes with a set of built in joints. It also come with the source code for several custom joints. The source code for these custom joints has been ported to C#. The advantage of custom joints is they give you more control over the behavior of joint than the build in joints.


These are the built in joints that are part of the NGD engine. Joints are objects that bind two physical objects together. A hinge is an example of a real life and a NGD joint.

Materials help define how physical object behave when they collide with each other. One example is you can define the amount of friction that exists between two materials when they come in contact with each other. Once you've defined your materials, you can then assign them to your physical objects.

A ragdoll joint is a custom joint used to simulate a dying or falling character. Ragdolls are made up of multiple rigid bodies connected together by joints. These joints are constrained so to limit them movement of the torso, limbs, etc of the ragdoll. This help make dying animation scene look realistic.

A vehicle joint is a custom joint to to simulate a multi wheeled vehicle.

You will also find several classed not filed in a subfolder. These classes perform various function and some of them are core to the operation of NGD. Some of them will be covered in this tutorial and the rest in later tutorials

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