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Ngd4Xna v2.0 beta 15 rev. 0

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Released: Jul 19, 2008
Updated: Jul 20, 2008 by ngdrascal
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Release Notes

Ngd4Xna v2.0 beta 15 rev. 0

- Added: new class NGDUserMesh which encapsulate the user defined tree collision functions
- Added: new demo Demo_UserMesh
- Added: new class NGDPoints for displaying points (aids in visually debugging you code)
- Fixed: (ID# 1656) simulation stuttering problem by changing NGDBody.Update to used ElapsedGameTime instead of ElapsedRealTime
- Fixed: NGDTreeCollision.GetVertexListIndexListInAABB() - was not working at all
- Changed: NGDLines class to follow the architecture of the other image classes
- Changed: NGDImageFactor - add Create methods for NGDPoints and NGDLines
- Changed: Declaration of NewtonAPI.NewtonSerialize and NewtonAPI.NewtonDeserialize to match .h file
(also changed NGDCollisionBase.SerializeHandler and NGDCollisionBase.DeserializeHandler to reflect these changes)
- Changed: parameters of NGDBody.GetAABB() from "ref" to "out" (also changed NewtonAPI.NewtonBodyGetAABB())
- Changed: parameters of NGDCollisionBase.CalculateAABB() from "ref" to "out" (also changed NewtonAPI.NewtonCollisionCalculateAABB())

Known Issues
- Issue: (ID# 1268) ragdoll joint is not ported
- Issue: (ID# 1269) character controller joint is not ported
- Issue: (ID# 1295) ported multi body vehicle joint is not working correctly (but wrapped vehicle joint
works fine - NGDMultiBodyVehicleWrapper)
- Issue: the solution and project files do not work with VS 2005 Express

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