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Project Description

Ngd4Xna is a C# wrapper around the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine.

The goal of this project is to create an object oriented wrapper around the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine and to integrates that wrapper with Microsoft's XNA gaming library.

Ngd4Xna is different from other wrapper you might find on the web in that is not a flat C like API but rather an extensive class hierarchy. Almost the entire NGD API has been wrapped, this includes the custom joints.

The callbacks have been turned into .NET events/delegates and the .Net/native code interop issues have been addressed. The primary data structures are XNA's Matrix class and Vector3 class. While Ngd4Xna is not intended to be a gaming engine, it does include a set of graphics primitive corresponding to the NGD collision primitives (box, capsule, sphere, etc.). This allows for quick prototyping. Also included are a dozen or so demo programs which illustrate it different capabilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ngd4Xna does not run on the XBox or Zune platforms.

Getting Started

List of Classes

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